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Pensions and Benefits Under Attack Next Event

Thank you for visiting the PBA Local 152 web site. It is our goal as a union to provide the best possible service to our members. Our number one goal is to insure that your rights are protected and the provisions outlined within our contract be enforced. We hope to promote a safe, fair and progressive work environment for all. We have vigorously defended the provisions in our contract through the entire grievance process with great results and will continue to do so with the same effort.

This site is here for you, the membership. Contained within this site is what we believe amounts to a great deal of knowledge. Our message board is also here for you to have a voice and to let us know your concerns or to have a question answered. We thank you for coming to the web site and we hope you find it useful.

On behalf of the Executive Board, I thank you for allowing us to represent you.


Michael Kaniuk
President, PBA Local #152

NJSPBA Local #152 Middlesex County Corrections Officers

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