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Pensions & Benefits Under Attack Next Event

An open letter to the Members of the Middlesex/Somerset County PBA Conference;

I am literally asking for only six minutes of your time to make powerful changes in Trenton and help stop the assault on our pensions and benefits. Six minutes that could literally save you tens of thousands of dollars or even years of service. Please don't sit and watch it happen around you and then ask why it happened. It will take you longer to drink your coffee today than it will to do this.

First of all, I would like to sincerely thank the more than 600 PBA Members from throughout Middlesex and Somerset Counties that took the time to attend what is now billed as the "Enough is Enough" Public Safety Rally in Trenton last Thursday. Over 12 busloads and many carloads of our Members from throughout the two Counties joined well over ten thousand of our fellow PFRS Members and friends from around the State. The attendance was extraordinary and the political impact of that rally has literally been the talk of Trenton. A special thanks to the many Chiefs and Shift Commanders that made some exceptions that day for everybody's benefit. That was a rally for ALL of us; Police Chiefs, Career Fire Chiefs, PBA, FOP, FMBA and IAFF. We delivered an incredibly powerful message with our numbers that day. Rob Nixon from the State PBA said it best: "It would be wrong to leave the energy of the crowd on the steps of the State House".

Unfortunately, the hard work for the Union Leadership has just begun. Thursday's rally was only the beginning. We are facing the most significant fight in the 115 year history of the State PBA. We are experiencing an unprecedented attack from the Governor, both sides of the political aisle, the media and even the public we serve. It is an attack on our pension, our benefits, our hard-earned and well-deserved rights to collective bargaining and almost every piece of legislation we worked tirelessly on over the past 115 years. We all know the vast bulk of that attack is based on incorrect information, half-truths and even lies. Now is the time to make ALL of our voices heard. Without question, it CANNOT be done by Union leadership alone.

We now have their attention, now we literally need six short minutes of your time to make dramatic changes.

Find your Legislators HERE . Just click on your Town, take a minute and place the calls! Don't want to speak to anybody? Call on a weekend or evening and leave a message. THEY WILL GET THE MESSAGE. It will be logged, I guarantee it.

Take one minute to send ONE email. Click HERE and send an email to ALL of your Legislators with just a couple clicks of the mouse. If you can find a few extra minutes, a letter is best and has even more impact.

Please take a minute and thank the Governor for his worthless LETTER TO LAW ENFORCEMENT that got him elected: 609-292-6000. You have to let him know you will be voting for legislators that support Law Enforcement and our rights. If you voted for him make sure he knows you regret it, you didn't appreciate the lie and it will NEVER happen again.

Take one more minute to call Steve Sweeney at (856) 251-9801 and let him know that you are against Senate Bill 2718. We pay now for benefits and you can't change the rules in the middle of the game!

Need some "talking points" for your telephone call, letter or email? Take one minute and read THIS

If you haven't voted recently or changed your address, PLEASE take one minute and click HERE. It even prints free postage! This November's Legislative election will be the most important in our history. ALL Legislators are up for election and EVERY PBA MEMBER will need to vote. Print one for all voters in your household, your friends relatives and neighbors.

Work in a different District than you live? Would you please consider taking a few extra minutes and do the same for those Legislators?

That was it, only SIX incredibly valuable minutes. On behalf of my family, your co-workers, your Union leadership and the tens of thousands of fellow PFRS Members I would like to thank you for six minutes of your time.

Patrick Colligan
Chairman, Middlesex/Somerset County PBA Conference

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